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Rewards Program

  • Bonus Offer

  1. Enjoy 1% bonus point rebate when you spend over 1,000NTD.
  2. 1 bonus point is equivalent to 1NTD, with no limit on the amount.
  3. The maximum amount of discount for an order is 50NTD.
  4. Accumulated points at the store: Members must inform our sales with phone numbers to accrue bonuses and use discounts.
  5. Can be used with coupon when spending.

  • Notes on bonus spending

  1. Bonus points will expire at 00:00 am on January 1 of the next year and will be cleared.
  2. The bonus points will be re-calculated on January 1st of the following year, so we will notify you on our official Instagram and Facebook in December.
  3. Bonus points of different accounts cannot be combined.
  4. B-SIDE reserves the right to change the content and details of the discount program and will announce the changes on the official Instagram and Facebook afterward.
  5. Bonus points can only be accumulated in stores and on the official website, other shopping sites will not be accumulated.