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Terms and Conditions

Thank you forvisiting B-SIDE, we will explain the various services we provide.

When youpurchase our products, it will be deemed that you agree to the following terms.


About Product


We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible thecolors of our products that appear on B-SIDE. 

However, as computer monitorsvary, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will becompletely accurate.

The price of the products will be as stipulated at any given momenton B-SIDE’S Instagram and website. 

The prices on the website exclude thevalue-added tax (VAT) for the delivery country and do not include postagecosts. 

The price and packaging of all products arefixed to the time of order and are not affected by the change we put on theproduct(e.g. discount) after your order is placed.

The washing label of all products willindicate the place of production, fabric, and laundry method.




   B-SIDE's orders are based on the inventory of the website.

    The inventorywill be deducted when you place an order and will be returned if you cancel theinventory. 

    If you exceed the payment time limit (see Payment), the order willbe automatically canceled and you will have to place a new order.

   After confirming your payment, the email will be sent from the systemindicating that we have confirmed your payment and deducted the inventory toyou.

   Import duties and taxes may apply upon receipt of international orders. 

    These duties & taxes are beyond our control as they are set by the CustomsAuthority of the destination country and depend on a number of factors, suchas:


1. Country of origin of the purchasedproduct.

2. Local VAT rates.

3. Local import taxes.


   It will be your responsibility to pay these charges if and when asked toby your local authorities.




For overseas customers :


- Credit Card: Please complete thepayment within 1 hour, after that the order will be canceled. Please note thatwe only accept Visa, Master, and JCB credit cards.


- Paypal: Please complete payment within3 days, a late payment will be canceled. Please note that the American Expresscredit card is not currently available in NTD.


Order Status

   We will update the order status to "Confirmed" afterconfirming the payment and inventory. Items will be shipped within 3 businessdays (Monday-Friday) after confirmation is updated.



   Items will be shipped within 3 business days (Monday to Friday) afterpayment is confirmed.

   The system will send an e-mail notification and update the shipment codewhen the item is shipped.

   We reserve the right to charge customers additional fees in the eventthat there is more than one delivery destination for a single order, oradditional fees are incurred due to incomplete or incorrect delivery addresses,or if no one is available to receive or pick up the goods at the specifiedaddress or time.

   Please note that as some countries require additional information forcustoms clearance, items will be shipped after we get the complete information.

   If you are unable to find your country in the logistics options, pleasecontact the Information Center immediately for assistance.



    We do not accept any responsibility for any problems arising from wrongor improper use of the products; we reserve the right to modify and amend theprices, delivery charges, and online shopping terms and conditions from time totime without prior notice; in case of any dispute, B-SIDE reserves the rightof final decision.