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Member Policy

  • Membership Grades And Benefits

  • VIP Membership And Official Membership Join
  1. One purchase of 500NTD can be an official member, and a year of cumulative purchases of $8,000 can be a VIP member ( One bill for 4,000NTD can be a VIP member ).
  2. VIP members can spend an accumulated amount of $4000 a year for next year.
  3. Members of the old website can provide registration telephone and E-mail, the old website members spending accumulated 6000 NTD for VIP members.
  • Additional Notes
  1. Birthday Gift Coupons will give on your birthday and can be used for 30 days.
  2. Free shipping on any order of 1,000NTD or more is not applicable to overseas customers.
  3. Limit of 25% off of the order.