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For oversea customers:


B-SIDE takes every order with serious attitude, every item will be reviewed repeatedly before the order be shipped.

If your productis damaged when you received, please connect us through the website, we will reply as soon as possible.

Other problems such as wrong size or unfitted, are not defective products, returns and exchanges are not available.

For customers in Taiwan:

 ‧ Return process.

7-11 return procedure 

    If you are not satisfied with the product after receiving it, you can return it within 7 days, without shipping fee.

1. When the order status is updated to , you have 7 days to make a return request.

2. After submitting return requset, you will receive the return code by e-mail, and must send the parcel back within 7 days, or you cannot return the product with free shipping.

3. Go to 7-11, use Ibon to print the shipping list and send the parcel. 

4. Waitting for parcel to be sent back, as the return is made by bulk logistics, this process will take about 7-20 days (when the status is changed to , it means the product has arrived at the bulk logistics center and BS has not received it yet). 

5. We receive the parcel and will inspect within 3 days. When the status be updated to ,means the product is inspected. And the refund will be completed after the status updated to.

‧ Notes on Returns.

**The returned package must contains: a complete, no defect product, hang tag, packaging bag and packing slip. If the packing slip has been discarded, please find a paper label with the name and phone number of the purchaser. **

**If you use cash on delivery, and the parcel is not picked up for more than 7 days and the parcel is returned, please contact us through the website or Facebook or Instagram. The parcel will be sent after bank transfer for 60 NTD shipping fee. **

**Pre-orders are placed with the factory after confirming total quantity, so we do not accept cancellations or returns for non-defective products. **

**If the product is returned due to non-pickup, it will be sold within 3 days from we recieve the parcel, and we will not have notificaiton to the customer.**

**If the product is defective and you do not want to exchange it, please leave a note in the order and return it through 7-11. ** 

**If the return goods are damage, dirt, packaing damge, or the invoice, accessories are not complete, we do not accept returns.** 

**Please pack the returned goods intact, if the goods are damaged during the delivery process, it will affect your right to return and refund.** 

**If you participate in promotion offer, when submit the returns request and the order isn't reach the event's minimum amount ,the refund will be deducted to original price. **

**If there is a free gift in the order and when return does not reach the minimum amount of the event, the free gift should be sent back together with other items.**

**All socks, cleaning supplies, or personalitems are not returnable due to hygiene issues.**

**If you have problem select size of the product, or if you have other questions, ask the customer service for recommendation. DO NOT place order for a different size in the same product and return it.**

‧ Exchange process.

7-11 Instore Pick-up

    If you need to exchange the product after receiving it, you can apply for exchange within 7 days, please refer to the following steps and notes.

1. The exchange process is 7-11 instore pick-up, so you need to pay the shipping fee about $120. The parcel will be sent through 7-11 logistics, and the logistics time is about 3-5 days.

2. Please ask customer service in the order form first if we have any replacement inventory.

3. If there is stock available for exchange, customer service will reserve for you and send it out within 3 days after receiving the exchange parcel.

4. Put the 60 NTD shipping fee into the package, pack the product properly, bring it to 7-11 store, and choose the store to send it (choose the amount from 1 ~ 1000 NTD), and pay 60 NTD to the 7-11.

5. Please take a picture of the receipt or write down the tracking number and provide it to BS.

6. After BS receives the parcel, we will complete the inspection within 3 days and send the exchange goods, the shipping number will be provided through message.

7.The exchange items will be shipped to the same 7-11 store in the original order.

‧ Notes on exchange of goods.

**If the product is defective and you want to replace it, please leave a message in the order form and wait for a reply from customer service, after contacting customer service, go to the 7-11 store and send it back according to the instructions (shipping cost will be borne by BS). **

**When Pre-orders' cloth does not fit, you can ask customer service whether there can be a replacement inventory, and need to pay the shipping fee about $ 120 **

**The returned package must contains: a complete, no defect product, hang tag, packaging bag and packing slip. If the packing slip has been discarded, please find a paper label with the name and phone number of the purchaser. **

**You can exchange item one time per order. **